Looking for the latest information on universal design and high-performance practices? Here we have all the resources you need to bring your project to the next level.

  • Getting Started with Universal Design

    Inspiration and practical advice on remodeling for accessibility.

  • The Visitable House

    This coastal Maine home provides a welcoming space for the young, the old, and the differently abled.

  • Selling the Future

    Developing and marketing your company’s expertise in universal design presents challenges, but it’s well worth the effort.

  • Project: An Innovative Home that Adapts to its Owners’ Needs

    The New Economy Home emerged as a solution to the financial strains of the recession, but its universal design and flexible layout still resonate with buyers.

  • The Accessible Home

    Architect, accessibility expert, and Remodeling magazine contributor Deborah Pierce’s indispensable guide to inclusive design.

  • AARP HomeFit Guide

    Learn how best to adapt your home to your family’s changing needs.

  • Universal Design Primer for Remodeling Pros

    Resources from Remodeling magazine for turning a design philosophy into profitable work.

  • Project: The “Lifelong” Home

    AARP tours a house remodeled for long-term accessibility.

  • The Price of Accessibility

    AARP looks at the cost of the most popular accessibility upgrades.

  • Project: Accessible Entry

    This renovation project creates an accessible entry using a bermed pathway and step-free covered porch.

  • Project: Adaptable Entrances

    Providing a step-free entrance doesn’t mean your project needs to look institutional. The team at Better Living Design provides examples of gracious entrances that can accommodate everyone.

  • Universal Design It Forward

    Help prepare your current clients for their future with great ideas that promote comfort, durability, accessibility, and safety.

  • Get Universal Design Certified

    Both NARI and NAHB Remodelers offer universal design professional certification. Check out their respective programs at the following links: NARI Universal Design Certified Professional and NAHB Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist.

  • The Universal Benefits of Universal Design

    Universal design is convenient for everyone—not just Grandma and Grandpa.

  • How to Sell Aging-in-Place

    Marketing aging-in-place projects requires a slightly different approach. Here are some tips for selling to aging clients.

  • Comprehensive Universal Design Checklist

    In interviewing clients for aging-in-place renovations, Houston-based Legal Eagle Contractors documents—room by room—any current problems owners have in using the space. This checklist will allow you to do the same.

  • Ideas and Solutions for Aging in Place

    Aging in Place at Home is a universal design resource site for health care, home modifications, technology, and products.

  • Video: Understanding Universal Design and Business Needs

    There are multiple ways to succeed in remodeling and home improvement, and there’s no rule that says you can’t succeed in more than one line of business simultaneously. John Robertson from HomeKeepers explains how universal design and business needs can aid in that success.

  • Video: Renovate Your Home Using Universal Design

    Remodeler and universal design pro Bryce Jacobs sits down with NARI TV to discuss what every homeowner needs to know to ensure their remodel fit their needs throughout their lives.

  • Video: High-Style Bath Products that Enhance Accessibility

    Bill Owens and Richard Duncan from the Better Living Design Institute review some high-function and high-aesthetic bath accessories for universal living.

  • Video: AARP Universal Design Resources

    AARP’s Jeanne Anthony explains where construction professionals can find resources and criteria about accessible design.

  • Video: Building Green with Universal Design

    What does green design have to do with creating a home for life? Green building consultant Carl Seville explains how high-performing products lead to healthier long-term lifestyles.

  • Designing Interiors for Accessibility

    The ABCs of Accessibility offers universal design consulting and educational services for consumers and professionals.